The Paralympics 2012

I find the Paralympics so inspiring. I mainly watch the swimming events, only because I used to be a swimmer myself. By the way. I am also loving Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Simmonds of Great Britain.What a fantastic swimmer. It would be such an honour if I could swim with her. I even shed a few tears watching some of the medal ceremonies. So inspiring and touching. These super athletes are really something. They make me believe that anything in life is possible. Anything.Watching the Paralympics has given me an idea to come up with a book about it. However, I don’t want to say too much about the project for now. It is going to be a project I will take on in the near future, hopefully before the next Olympics/Paralympics in Rio 2016. I am actually planning on going to Rio 2016 myself. Go Team GB, Team Malaysia, and Team Thailand.

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