Hungry Ghost Month

I actually forgot that it is the Hungry Ghost Month. For those of you who do not know about the Hungry Ghost Month, let me explain it to you.

Hungry Ghost Month, also known as Ghost Month, is a traditional Chinese Festival. It is the month where the ghosts and spirits from Heaven and Hell are set free to roam the earth amongst the living. The festival is celebrated every year in most countries in East Asia, and it falls between July to September, depending on the Chinese calender of that year. So during this time, people would usually be home before dark. Usual activities and celebrations such as clubbing, weddings, birthdays, and parties are put on hold in order to respect the ghosts and spirits as it is their month. People would give their offerings by placing food and drinks outside their house, along the streets, and by the roadside. Paper-made objects such as money, clothes, cars, and other daily items are burned, particularly for the spirits of the ancestors, so that they could use the objects and daily items when they return to the afterlife. There are also street performances at night where people could watch. But the front row seats must always be left empty for the ghosts and spirits.

At the end of the Hungry Ghost Month, people would float water lanterns in order to help guide the ghosts and spirits back to the afterlife. Once the lights of the lanterns have gone out, it means that the ghosts and spirits are back in the afterlife where they belong.

Anything can happen during the Hungry Ghost Month. Therefore, people need to be aware of their surroundings and whereabouts, especially if they do go out at night, because they will never know what they might see or come across. The best protection for them is to stay at home, pray, and to keep giving their offerings.

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