A short excerpt from ‘A Chinese Christmas Carol’

Joie blinked and saw that she was standing by the open bedroom
doorway. She stood very still and tried to recall what just happened.
Had she been dreaming again? Had she been asleep standing up? No, that
was ridiculous. She looked up and down the small hallway and saw that
nobody was there. The entire house seemed quiet. She then gently closed
the door and went over to the bed and sat down. Once again, she had
dreamed of another particular moment of her past. It had seemed far too
real to be a dream. But if it was a dream, how could she be standing up?
Before the dream, she clearly remembered hearing gentle knockings on
the door, and when she opened the door, the next thing she knew was she
was back in the past, just like that, in a blink of an eye. And once again,
she had no idea that she had relived that particular moment before when
she was back in the past. It was as though she had gone back and relived
that particular moment of her past exactly the way it had happened before.
Why was she dreaming and reliving that particular moment again? Sure it
had been a good and memorable moment, but it had already happened

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