Asian horrors

I just finished watching ‘The Haunting’ from 1999. It is the third time I have seen it. After all these years, I still find the movie scary in terms of the history of the house and its story rather than the overall action and storyline of the movie. In case I haven’t mention, I am a huge horror fan. But to be precise, I am more into the spiritual and ghostly horrors. And whenever I watch these kind of horrors, I am always interested in the story behind it, like how it happen. Like a prequel. The beginning. However, I did watch a little bit of the original version of ‘The Haunting’. I can’t comment much on it as I didn’t finish the movie. Another horror movie that I like which is similar to ‘The Haunting’ is Stephen King’s ‘Rose Red’, followed by the prequel ‘The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer’. This is a good example of what I like. A prequel to a story. But no horrors can beat my love for Asian horrors, especially Thai horrors. Many of the Asian horrors keep the audience guessing. And the ending is usually very unexpected in a good and yet scary kind of way. I would like to share and recommend some good Asian horrors which I would watch over and over again.

First one is ‘Recycle’. It is a Hong Kong horror. I will be doing a review on this, therefore I will not comment on it for now. Second one is a Thai horror ‘Mae Nak’. It is a beautiful horror based on a true story from the 19th century. It is about a husband who goes off to war and leaves behind a pregnant wife. The wife later dies while giving birth, and so does the baby. Due to the fact that the wife’s love for the husband is so strong, she and the baby comes back as ghosts. When the husband finally returns, he has no idea that his wife and the baby are already dead. This movie made me cry, because it represents true love between the husband and wife. The third one is another Thai horror ‘Coming Soon’. Now, this movie is proper scary. It is a about a movie that is cursed. Whoever watches it will also be cursed, and they will end up being trapped in the movie itself. The fourth one is a Vietnamese horror ‘Spirits’. It is the eerie and haunting atmosphere and setting that makes it a good horror. The movie focuses on a writer, a mysterious beautiful woman, and a nurse. Even though the three main characters are connected to one another, their background story is told separately. Lastly, a Korean horror ‘R-Point’. The movie is set in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. It is about a group of South Korean soldiers who goes to an island to look for some of their missing soldiers. Strange events begin to take place upon arrival, and the group of solders soon find it hard to distinguish what is real and what is not. This movie requires full attention in order to be understood. I had to watch it three or four times in order to ‘sort of’ understand it. I am still trying to figure it out.

So those are some of my favourite Asian horrors. I occasionally enjoy English/American horrors. But I somehow find Asian horrors much more scarier.

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