Mooncake Festival

It is Mooncake festival month!!!!

Mooncake festival, also known as Mid-Autumn Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival that takes place in September where everyone gives mooncakes to friends and families. The date varies depending on the Chinese calender. The mooncakes are sweet, with a duck egg in the middle. Every mooncake has a duck egg inside the middle to symbolize the moon. There are also many other types of fillings in the mooncakes. The ones I am familiar with has lotus seed paste, sweet bean paste, jujube paste, sesame seeds and peanuts. As for me, I only like to eat the duck egg. When I was little, my parents’ friends would come over to our house with lots of mooncakes. We would then eat it together. I remember digging, yes, proper messy digging, into the mooncake and taking out the egg from inside the middle. My mother would always glare at me and tell me off.
“Why do you always have to eat the mooncake like that. It’s not nice. You should eat it properly with grace.”

I was also the only one who ate the mooncake the way that I did. Nowadays, I hardly eat mooncakes. I only like to look at the designs on them.

Happy Mooncake festival!!!!
Thank you to my dear friend, Wern, who took the pictures for me.

8 thoughts on “Mooncake Festival

  1. Hello Eclect. Thanks. Oh yes, my mom would always tell me off for that. You should have seen how I ‘tortured’ those beautiful mooncakes just because of the egg inside. I couldn’t eat the rest of it because it was so sweet. Did you dig up the egg as well like I did?

  2. Ah, I see. I get those ALOT as well. What is your culture may I ask? Our grandmothers usually like the future generations to carry on the proper traditions, especially when it comes to gatherings and celebrations.

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