A short, second excerpt from ‘A Chinese Christmas Carol’

Joie shook her head in confusion. The warm and gentle smile on the
Chinese woman’s face disappeared, and she became serious.
“This is what will become of you if you don’t change the way your life
is. You will lose yourself and your soul and therefore become nothing.
This place is where you will end up. You will have no future, and you
and your soul will live in darkness like where you are now, especially
when you die. Your soul wouldn’t be able to move on, and the darkness
is the only place where your soul will be for eternity.”
Joie was still confused.
“I still don’t understand. It’s all dark, and I can’t see anything.”
“Exactly. You created this darkness. Your anger and hatred has created
this place, and this is where you will end up. Just pure darkness and
nothing. This is what will be left of you.”
“What about the sound of the crying? What is that?” asked Joie,
“That is you, my child. That is you living in sadness surrounded by
“Yes. Look around you, my child. This is all you. All of it. You will live
in darkness, and all you will feel is sadness, and that you will never be
in a happy place again. You won’t even know what happiness is, because
it will never exist for you.”
Joie wasn’t liking what she was hearing.
“I don’t like this. I don’t like any of this,” said Joie, feeling scared.
“Then don’t create all of this. Because if you do, you will never find
your way out of this darkness. There will never be a way out.”

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