Short excerpt from ‘Family Sorrow’

During Elena’s first day of school, many of the other students were very curious about her. She was the only Eurasian student in the school, and they were not used to having a Eurasian student attend a public school. They would wonder why she was not attending the international school or the Methodist Private School nearby. It did not matter that she had siblings attending the same school as her. She was still Eurasian. Also with her exotic looks and beauty, many of the girls were jealous of her. But Elena did not care that she was Eurasian or that she looked different. In fact, she considers herself more Chinese than Eurasian. During break time on her first day of school, some of the students approached her and asked her why she was not attending an international school or the Methodist Private School nearby. Elena told them that she was Chinese just like them, and that Chinese was her first language. But the other students still did not see her as Chinese. She would always be Eurasian to them. Some of the mean and nasty girls even told her that she should attend the Methodist Private School instead, because it was where she belonged. But Elena would just ignore them. No matter how hard she tried to fit in with the other students, they would continue to ignore and distant themselves from her, and that made her really sad. Most of the time, she would feel alienated. She could not understand why the other students did not like her. She could not understand what was wrong being Eurasian.

2 thoughts on “Short excerpt from ‘Family Sorrow’

  1. Sad story for sure but I hope this little girl has the courage to rise above this shameful display of inhumanity. Even more I hope the other kids will mature to a different point of view.

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