A Halloween special (Part 2) – The box project

Back in university, I did a project called ‘The box project’, where everyone had to bring in a box of any sort. The aim of the project was to create a meaning for the inside of the box. As for me, I used a shoe box, and my box tells the story of an obsessor/psychopath who kills and keeps objects and bits of human flesh of the victims. The idea of it was supposed to be fun and yet disgusting, rather than horrific and disturbing. It wasn’t hard for me to come up with this idea. Most people in my class had creative, artistic, and complicated ideas for their boxes. I just wanted something straight forward. And that was when the idea of an obsessor/psychopath automatically came into my head. I even knew how to get it started. I got some raw meat (representing human flesh) and painted parts of it with red acrylic paint to make it look like blood. And then I would put some of the raw meat in some small boxes. Other objects included some sharp, broken glasses, small candles, hairs, and fingernail clippings. Overall, I did a good job, because many people laughed with disgust, which was the reaction that I had hoped for.

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