A short, second excerpt from ‘Family Sorrow’

Before Mae was pregnant with Russell, she and Bruce were in a relationship for three months. During that time, the both of them got along well. Bruce was so charming that Mae had found him irresistible. It was not long until Mae fell in love with him. The both of them then decided to get married during the following month. There was no proposal to the marriage. Mae and Bruce decided to get married just like that. But soon after they got married, things immediately changed as Bruce started to show another side of him. It was his short-tempered, aggressive, and abusive side. Mae soon became afraid of him. He would verbally and physically abuse her, especially when he was drunk. Bruce enjoyed going out and drinking with his friends, and when that happens, he would come home really late at night, or he would come home the following day. Sometimes when he does not come home, Mae would wonder if he was with another woman. One time when Bruce came home late at night, she asked him in a calmly manner if he was with another woman. Bruce immediately became angry and started slapping her hard across the face. Since then, she never asked again. Other times when he does come home, he would usually abuse her for no particular reason. He would call her all sorts of bad and hurtful names as he slaps, punches, and kicks her everywhere. Sometimes he would even use the first object that he sees to physically abuse her. It could be a cane, a wooden hanger, or anything that was hard and beatable. He would also rape her in a rough and painful manner. He even tried to rape her several times when she was pregnant with Russell, but she managed to fight him off. Bruce does not like it when Mae tries to fight back at him. So when that happens, he would physically abuse her, even when she was pregnant.

5 thoughts on “A short, second excerpt from ‘Family Sorrow’

    1. It is sad to know that there are people like this out there. The only way to get through it is to stay strong and fight back.

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