Flowers – coffee paper cup designs

The concept behind the coffee paper cup designs started when I was back at university. We had to do a project about a famous street in East London known as Brick Lane. The street is filled with Indian restaurants and shops. Our task was to filled a sketchbook of drawings and take photographs of the street. After that, we had to put together the drawings and photographs and create coffee paper cups designs to represent the ‘flavour’ of Brick Lane. We even got to name the drinks. I loved that project, which is why I sometimes like to design my own coffee paper cup designs.

7 thoughts on “Flowers – coffee paper cup designs

  1. I love the idea to design coffee paper cups to represent the ‘flavour’ of a place. It seems like a challenging project but one that could help spark creativity. Your cups are beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Eclectic. It was a fun project. Maybe you could try it with your food. I did take some photos of my Brick Lane cups. Unfortunately, I lost them when I moved house. I love your blog-food. Very unique indeed. Keep it up 🙂

      1. I look forward to seeing it. I am sure yours will be very creative.By the way, as for your food, have you done anything related to Chinese? Just wondering. I am of Chinese background, but I am not good at Chinese inspired designs/work.

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