A short, fourth excerpt from ‘Family Sorrow’

After what seemed like forever, Elena suddenly felt the strength and energy being drained out of her. She was also beginning to lose her consciousness. And she was beginning to find it hard to breathe and to keep her eyes open. At that point, she knew it was time for her to go. She could hear her family calling out to her and crying hysterically. Even though it was a slow death, Elena still managed to remain calm. There was not a point where she panicked. As her death drew closer, she looked at her family one last time before slowly closing her eyes. The last thing she could do for her family was to be strong for them, and by doing that, she wanted to let them see that she was going to die a happy and peaceful death without looking like she was in much pain. And as she took in her very last breath, she managed to leave a happy and peaceful smile on her face.

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