New updates

Hello all. Just to let you all know that I will not be bringing out my next book, which is a love story, before Christmas. This is because I will be entering the story in a competition. I do apologize for the sudden change of plans. However the competition turns out, I will still publish the story either way. Let’s just see how far I get in the competition. As for my other books which I plan to bring out this coming year, it will still be happening as planned. And as mentioned, I am really excited about bringing out the first book of my book series. Otherwise, I hope everyone is ready for Christmas, and I will be posting the coffee cup designs before Christmas Day xoxo


5 thoughts on “New updates

      1. I will do, even though I am really nervous. At least I am giving it a shot. I don’t want to miss the opportunity and regret it later. Thank you very much on the support. I will definitely keep you and the other bloggers updated on the competition.

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