A Snowy Memory

What a snowy London day it has been. And apparently, there’s going to be more. To be honest, I wish I could escape the freezing temperature and go to Thailand. I first experienced snow at the age of five during a family vacation in America. It wasn’t our first time in America then. We used to travel to America during the summer time. And for the first time, we were going to travel there during the wintery season. I don’t remember what month it was, but I remember that we were in San Francisco staying with some close friends. My parents and the other adults decided on a plan for all of us to go on an adventurous road trip to New York. When my parents told me this, I was excited, because it was going to be my first road trip in America. And they even told me that I was going to see snow on the way.

So we started our road trip two days after. We had hired two huge, family-sized, traveling vans. They were eleven of us in total. And to make the trip more fun, we were going to be doing the road trip on our own without any hired drivers. My father and some of the other adults took turns driving, and we would travel throughout the night. We would stop every now and again at restaurants and at petrol stations. After almost three days of traveling, I saw snow for the very first time. We were traveling in the very early hours of the morning, and everyone was asleep except for me (I couldn’t sleep) and my father (who was driving then). I was sitting right by the window, looking outside when it suddenly snowed heavily. I was excited. I wanted to touch it, but the window was locked. My father told me that I could touch the snow when he makes a stop somewhere in a couple of hours.

As promised, we came to a stop, except that it was in the middle of nowhere. We were lost. It was quiet around us, and there was not a single vehicle in sight. But I didn’t care. I wanted to touch the snow. So we all made our way out of the vans to get some fresh air. As soon as I got out, I took off my gloves and touched the snow on the ground. It was freezing cold. It was nothing like I had imagined (not in a bad way). I had always thought that snow would feel soft like cotton candy. But I was wrong. It felt like ice. And it wasn’t soft at all. Either way, I liked the experience. In fact, I wanted to take some snow back home with me to Asia (where I was living then) as a souvenir. Thinking that I could actually take some back home, I got my handkerchief out and put a couple of handful of snows onto it and then wrapped it up. I then went back into the van and put the ‘take-away’ snow on my seat before going back outside again to play with the snow. About half an hour later, we were ready to move again. When I got back to my seat and picked up the handkerchief with my ‘take-away’ snow, I was shocked to find that it was dripping wet. I opened up the handkerchief and saw that my ‘take-away’ snow had melted. It was gone. I was sad that I couldn’t take the snow back home with me. But at least I got to experience it.

(Snow outside where I live)          snow 2


snow 3

snow 5

snow 4

Yup, the two photos below are of me when I tried to ‘take-away’ some snow for souvenir. I can still remember that moment and the experience. Makes me smile every time I think about it.

snow me

snow me 2

19 thoughts on “A Snowy Memory

  1. Oh my goodness. I would love nothing more than to jump through my compute screen and pop up out on your street. It is like a postcard. I would love nothing more than to wake up in London, and take it all in. It is absolutely beautiful. You truly live in a post card.

    1. Hahahaha, thank you. But believe me, it’s FREEZING. It snowed so much that most schools across the country were closed. I even almost slipped. Are you in a warm country? If so, let’s swap LOL.

      1. Nice. I haven’t been to Canada, but would love to. However, Thailand is still on my mind 🙂 Paradise.

    1. Oh gosh, do be careful if you drive. The snow is already melting here and everywhere is like an ‘ice-skating rink’. So slippery. I might as well walk in a pair of ice-skates just to be safe. Stay safe 🙂

      1. Thanks Tim. Better to walk. That’s what I am doing. I wish I could be in a warmer place………Thailand.

      2. Bloody blimey. Sounds like you could actually go ice-skating. Snow is always nice and fun. But the aftermath……oh gosh is all I can say 😛 Think you better not drive just to be really safe.

    1. Oh? LOL. Never thought it was classy, but thank you, and thank you to your wife. I will check out your new ‘style’. I also like the photo of your laptop and coffee. Oh yes, anything with coffee. What a neat desk you have. Mine is soooooo messy.

      1. Well, it’s very neat indeed. I can’t keep my desk that neat and tidy while I’m writing. As long as there’s coffee on the table…..ahhhh coffee……then I am good 🙂

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