A special announcement

Hello all. Once again, I do apologize for my long absence. However, I do have a good reason. During my absence, I have been researching, planning, and working (which I still am) on my new and very own up-and-coming publishing house which I will officially be launching early next year (date to be confirm). I have always wanted to set up my own publishing house, but I never got to find the right time, or the right moment, to make it happen……..until recently. I am aware that I have promised my follow readers and followers that I would publish two of my books this year, a love story and the first book of my book series. So instead, the two books will be published under my publishing house, with the love story as the first going-to-be published book. I do apologize for all the sudden changes and broken promises. This time, I will make sure that the launch date is accurate before letting you all know. Meanwhile, I will also be catching up on my posting/blogging.

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