A special post: Prayers to MH370

mas(Photo credit: Facebook page)

As many of you may already know, Malaysia Airlines MH370 took off from its home ground of Kuala Lumpur and was bound for Beijing, but never made it. And as I am writing this post, the airline is still missing. Nobody knows whether it has crashed, been hijacked, or it has landed somewhere. Even though I am far away (London) from where this is all happening, I am a Malaysian myself and it saddens me. Also, my late father was an airline executive for Malaysia Airlines. When I heard of the news, I suddenly thought of my father. I didn’t exactly know why. Probably because I know how much it would have affected him if he was here with me. I have been following the news throughout my Saturday. I have even been communicating with friends in Malaysia to find out how the situation is at the other end. There are many speculations as to what might have happened. But for now, let us pray and hope there will be some positivity out of this. My deepest thoughts go out to those who are affected.

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