8 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

    1. Hahaha. Thanks for sharing this. I think I might be the same as you. My desk is never tidy. I guess it shows we are working hard 🙂 Also, I always want to scratch my brain out when it comes to the editing process. Thanks for reaching out Brain in the Jar. Do keep in touch 🙂

      1. I agree. I love browsing in book stores and seeing what are on the shelves and even reading the first few chapters of them. I am always filled with all kinds of ideas for stories. But I always need my coffee on the table, no matter how messy, how many books/things are around me.

    1. Is that when you have writer’s blog or just in general? I don’t walk in circles, but I DO need music (Stevie Wonder in particular and 90’s classics) when I write, believe it or not. And yes, the coffee.

      1. Haha analyzing the music. Well, every writer has their way of working. I only need the peace when editing. I actually like the part of editing when I get the edits back from the editor and re-reading it. That’s the best part for me.

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