Day 1 – A blogging story


I’m not new to blogging, nor am a professional at it. I started blogging back in the summer of 2012 right at the start of the London 2012 Paralympics. I don’t even know how it all began. It just did. But first, allow me to start from the beginning before all the blogging began.

My name is Puiyin Lab, and I am an author. I have published two books, although I will officially be taking one of them off the market to get it re-written.

During the start of the Paralympics, I was inspired by what those with special needs could achieve that I felt the need to share it. But I didn’t just want to share it on Facebook or Twitter. That was when the idea of a blog came to mind. I’ve always known that writers/authors needed blogs as a way to let their works be known. But as an author myself, I’ve never thought about having a blog until right then, watching the Paralympics. Also, I have an autistic son, and that also gave me the inspiration to come up with the blog. Since then, my blog has become like a range of journals of different subjects, not just about the Paralympics, autism, or my books. It has been about everything and anything that inspires me, things I like, my experiences, imaginations, daily lives, and future plans. And most importantly, the blog is a place where I can just write and be myself. I want to feel free and happy with my writing here. And instead of keeping all these in a secretive journal, I would like to share it and get genuine feedbacks, comments, ideas, and criticisms about what I’ve written. It is a place for me to grow and learn. I think that no writer/author is ever too young, or even too old or experienced to learn something new. For me, I want to keep sharing and learning. That is how I know I can grow as an author.


I was nervous when I started blogging. I was even careful with every single word I wrote. I didn’t know how this blogging thing was going to work. Was anyone going to read my posts? What if no one does? What if I don’t interest people? These were the main questions going through my head. But after getting positive feedbacks, I slowly began to build my confidence in blogging. Soon, I enjoyed it. And it wasn’t long until I had the confidence to just write whatever.

With my soon-to-be publishing company to be launched this year in 2016, this blog will continue to be my foundation journal where I will personally write and share my ideas of all the books I wish to publish.

If my blog ever does become successful, I will have my bloggers/followers to thank for. I’ve already befriended some supportive author friends/bloggers who have been so supportive of my posts from the start that they have been sharing them on their social media. Thank you, my friends.


Who knows what the future holds for the blog 🙂


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