Day 5 – What if……

Ever since I created this blog, I’ve never once change the theme, fonts, or design. It has always remained the same. So today, I experimented with different themes to see what PY Lab would look like in different modes.


I like the font. It’s like a newspaper typo kind of font. A good one for writers.




Here’s one that I kind of like. I love the heading, menus, and the picture in the background. It really goes with my tagline. So mysterious. One thing I like about this blog is the layout of the posts. You have a preview of a few at once. Unlike the one I have at the moment, it’s one post at a time as you scroll up/down the blog. It does give me a thought about having a theme with several posts to be seen at once. But then again, I will still miss my current theme.Screenshot_3



I definitely love this heading font. Such an effect.


I like how neatly the tags are displayed.



I’m not sure what I think about this theme really. Once again, I do like how I can show several posts at once while scrolling. But otherwise, I’m not really sure.




Now, this is one heading I love. So simple, and yet classy. Very spot on.


I’m not a fan of how the posts are layout. It’s nothing new, similar to my current one. Just loving the heading.




This is another layout from another theme I like where several posts can be previewed at once. I also like the layout of the menu. It’s a different format.



Overall, I’m not sure if I will change my theme. Maybe at some point. But I’m glad I’ve managed to experiment with some. It did give me some ideas for the future of the blog. There wasn’t one theme which I thoroughly like. Instead, I liked bits of it from a few themes. If only I could bring them all together.


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