Day 7 – The change: a personal account

Alright, so last night, I decided to change the theme of my blog. I didn’t want to. But I thought I would give it a try. Who knows. I might like it. And so I did. Below are the before and after pictures I took.pyshotScreenshot_16Screenshot_17Screenshot_18Screenshot_19

The new look did look nice. After I changed it, I went to bed. But I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about the change. And funnily enough, it lead me to think about the other changes that have recently happened in my life. I am such an emotional person.

Right at the beginning of this year, my husband decided to get into the working out-gym-body building routine. It was an immediate change for me. Just last year during Christmas, he was my funny man-gamer-chef-down to earth husband. And as soon as it was 2016, the change suddenly happened. It was very sudden for me. Then I got the news that my company (the publishing company that will be trading under) has passed the UK trademark law. That is great. I am happy. And then there were changes to my current work place. All these changes did make an impact on my life. It was so sudden that I didn’t know how to take it all in. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy, especially for my husband who wants to be healthy. But sometimes I’m afraid of changes. For my husband, I’m afraid I might emotionally lose him as the person I once knew to someone I might not recognize. As for me, I promise myself to always stay humble, no matter where the company takes me. So today, I decided to change my theme back to the one it was, because the way the blog was reminds me where I started both as an author and a person. Some of you might think I’m just being silly. But hey, this is why I have this blog in the first place. It’s a place for me to be me and meet those who will accept me for me. And it’s a place where I can share what I’m feeling.

I’m still adjusting to the changes which I’ve mentioned. Although I’ve changed my blog to the way it was, there are still some changes to the fonts that are not the same. But it’s ok. I am ‘back home’. If those of you might know the original names to the fonts, please let me know.

Changes can be good. But in my case, my blog needs to be my humble ground, no matter where life takes me.

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