Meeting some readers/fans

Thank you to the readers/fans who have purchased ‘Who We Were’. Pictured here are readers/fans Rose, Eve and Pamela. I was lucky to have been able to take some pictures with them. Thank you very much for the amazing support. If those of you have purchased the novel, do get in touch. Many hugs and kisses and MUCH appreciation always xoxo

*All pictures are under strict copyright of PUIYIN W.L. PUBLISHING®.14358964_10153992646083202_2053854090195366153_n14680688_10153978349188202_1988839729047440284_n14690994_10153978410523202_2923105767096283709_n14718755_10153964913563202_2650731888204276461_n14731326_10153965077578202_837669268582463534_n14732281_10153978431443202_3534425784382987293_n14732343_10153980219493202_5275621899925284840_n14753803_10153981414838202_2717032829556708652_o14906951_10153978309838202_1685726839412283680_n14907020_10153978521213202_5073072485124910481_n14925708_10153980213663202_2161762270714676855_n14925289_10153978639143202_6263336360964651063_n

4 thoughts on “Meeting some readers/fans

      1. It’s not about how fast or how slow you work. It’s about getting to the finish line that counts. It’s about working in the moment. Please keep me updated on the new book. I’m sure all your fans and fellow bloggers (including me) are looking forward to hearing about the new project.

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