1. The Positivity Project – One App to Sort Your S**t Out

Never forget a deadline or your friend’s baby’s birthday with Wunderlist. This pocket PA syncs across all your devices. Free, with premium upgrade, or from £3.99 per month. 

Like many people, my life is hectic, and without a diary planner, I will lose my way and forget things. With today’s technology, there are apps to help us get organised. However, I am old-fashioned. I dislike using apps or anything technological to help me get organised. Instead, I like to write things down with a pen. Writing things down makes me feel more productive. And I don’t just have any diary planner. It has to be one that works for me.

Firstly, it has to be attractive and good-looking 🙂 It has to represent my personality and character. (My actual planner below).


Secondly, the inside has to be laid out weekly at every page-turn and with plenty of space for me to write.


Lastly, I keep a calender sheet in my planner (planner has an inside pocket. How convenient). I can ONLY look at the calender one way, as presented below. This way, I can easily (and immediately) see how many days, weeks or Saturdays there are in a month.


I look at my planner a couple of times a day. Even the littlest thing I would write it down. Even if it’s non-work related, I still write it down.


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