2. The Positivity Project – Netflix and (actually) chill, together

It turns out boxsets are good for your love life. Researches at the University of Aberdeen said the couples who frequently watched series or films together felt more committed. 


(Photo subject to copyright/Photo credit)

My husband and I are huge movie fans, especially those from the Marvel and DC Comics. When we do have time together (alone), rather than go on romantic dates, we would go and watch the latest movie at the cinema. And at home, we love our boxsets, especially The Walking Dead. We don’t have Netflix. Instead, we have SKY cable. My husband likes to watch the up-to-date boxsets rather than the old ones unless I am watching them, and that includes girly series like Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids and Gossip Girl. He says he likes the storyline and doesn’t care about the femininity of it. We both also share the love of 90’s classics Charmed and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


(Photo subject to copyright/Photo credit)


(Photo subject to copyright/Photo credit)

My husband and I might be in our thirties, but we still have our 90’s teenage spirit in us. I guess that is what’s kept our marriage happy and strong. Sure, there were bumpy roads along the way, but at least we can be ourselves with each other, and that means bringing out the teenager in us every now and again. Just last month for my birthday, we ended the night with three bottles of red wine between the two of us (yes, only the two of us). A bottle and a half later, we switched on the 90’s music TV channel and started dancing like we were teenagers. My husband (he will not be reading this post) even shook his booty like Beyonce (yes, he can booty dance for real). I don’t care what anyone else thinks. It was the best birthday present…and not the last for sure. It definitely made me forget about everything else.

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