3. The Positivity Project – The Only #fitspo You Need

“The aim of exercise is to feel awesome,” says Hilary Rowland, co-founder and spin instructor at Boom Cycle. “Don’t compete with others at the gym – do what physically and mentally feels good for you. That’s how we get fitter and happier.” So, whether boxing or Bikram is your thing, find motivation from the buzz of endorphins, not your followers. 

I have always been active, especially when it comes to long distance swimming, running and power walking. Back in my teens, I would run non-stop for forty to forty-five minutes, and I would swim non-stop for an hour, sometimes more. However, I am much better at swimming. Today, I would run and power walk. With such hectic schedules and many late nights, I would make sure to stay physically and mentally fit and alert by running and power walking on my treadmill for forty-five minutes five to six times a week. I don’t like going to the gym, not because of the other people around me. I like to work out in my own space and be alone, which is why I have my very own treadmill. I also don’t like using any other gym/work out equipment. I only like using the treadmill.


No matter how tired I am, especially if I only got two hours of sleep, working out on the treadmill would always wake me up. I always work out early in the mornings as the feeling I get afterwards is the perfect way to start the day; happy, fresh, boosted, fit, relax, sexy and awesome.


(sorry about the blurry photo. Not easy trying to take one while power walking on the treadmill).

Every time I work out, my big kitty Memeng, also known as my tiger assistant, would always accompany me. Such an assistant.

Have an awesome day, people!

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