4. The Positivity Project – Take the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge (Day 1)

Record one thing you’re grateful for (flatmates with the same shoe size, a FaceTime chat with your mum, that free coffee in Pret – it’s all relative) each day for three weeks. Research says it can improve your mood, sleep and energy.

DAY 1 – Tiger Assistant


Meet my tiger assistant, Memeng, who does almost everything with me. My husband actually named him Memeng. Even though Memeng is still a kitten-who-looks-like-a-grown-up-cat, he also looks like a tiger.


Even his female vet calls him “Hello, Handsome.” Agree?


He even knows how to watch The X Factor.


He accompanies me every time I work. Sometimes he knows when I’m working too much and wants me to stop.


We even cat-nap together.


Memeng is one of a kind, and I am grateful for having him in my life. No other kitten-cat-tiger will ever be like him.


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