6. The Positivity Project – Take the 21-day Gratitude Challenge (Day 2)

Record one thing you’re grateful for (flatmates with the same shoe size, a FaceTime chat with your mum, that free coffee in Pret – it’s all relative) each day for three weeks. Research says it can improve your mood, sleep and energy.

DAY 2 – I’m sexy and I know it!

Today, I am grateful for feeling sexy and fabulous. It is no surprise many women are cautious about their body image, especially after when they have had children, which is perfectly normal. I am amongst those many women…or I was.

Before I had my boy, I had a slim and beautiful figure. I felt sexy, and I would get loads of attention…if you know what I mean.


But my body changed after giving birth. I felt ugly and fat. A family friend even said I looked so fat my tummy looked as though it was carrying another child (ouch). That put my self-esteem all the way down. My brain began creating an image of how I saw myself…fat. I guess it was also my postnatal hormones that was causing me to have the self-esteem issue.


It took me a year to get over my self-esteem. By then, I saw the real image of myself. I didn’t have the same body size/image like I used to. Instead, I’ve become curvy. And to be honest, I liked it, because the new body really showed off my a**, especially when I walk…the catwalk.


Over the years, I’ve learned to love the way I look. I’ve also come to terms with the fact that my body image will never be the same as it was, which was fine. Sometimes we just have to embrace what we already have rather than what we had. It can be a good thing with a positive impact.


So stay beautiful and fabulous, my sexy people!



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