A Niche Found

For those of you who have followed me from the very beginning will know that it was a long road for me to build my publishing house. And in the end when it was finally done, I was excited. There were so many stories in my head that were swirling all at once like a tornado, ready to be published. At that time, I wanted to stand out as a different kind of publisher. But I didn’t know how. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed most of my inspiration has a common Chinese theme. It has always been right in front of me. I just never realized it. 

I grew up in a Chinese-Malaysian family and was brought up in the English international field. However, my mother did not want me to lose touch of my Chinese roots, so at an early age, she would fascinate me with everything about the Chinese culture, including its culture, traditions, beliefs, myths and ancient legends. And when I began writing at an early age, I combined many of my then-already thriving  imagination with those from my Chinese inspired imagination. 

So it wasn’t until recently that I found a niche in the publishing market, and that’s turning my publishing house into one that mainly publishes and represent stories of both English and Asian Chinese themes. It is the best of both worlds, just like my background. Although I am open to other genres, there is a limitation.  



I am always finding new ways to improve on anything that has to do with writing and publishing, and I and glad one of that was finding the perfect niche to my publishing house. I hope my fellow readers will continue to join me on my forever ongoing writing and publishing journey and enjoy the stories I have to offer.

Until next time, happy reading with love!


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