The Arrival of William Whiptail

The well-loved English mouse, William Whiptail, has finally arrived back in town, and he can be found in most major bookstores, especially Waterstones and Blackwell’s in UK and on Amazon.


William Whiptail

William Whiptail is so pleased when he finds a new friend to share his next adventure with. He wants to search for the Book of Knowledge because he has one very important question to ask it. Can it help William in his quest?

I am so excited to be representing this children’s book for the second time round and having to work with the remarkable Vivian Head and Biddy Lee. Rumours has it that William Whiptail might become an ongoing series…

For those of you who have read it, please don’t forget to share your thoughts. I’m sure Mr Whiptail would be glad to hear from his fellow reader friends. Happy reading!