Who We Were – An Excerpt

An excerpt from Who We Were. I would say that this is one of my favourite excerpt, because I’d worked on it for a long time. I had a clear vision in my head of how I wanted the ‘scene’ to go. I wanted readers to picture it exactly the way I’d envisioned it when they are reading it. It had to be perfect. Another reason why it’s one of my favourite excerpt is because it is where two beloved characters meet and fall in love for the first time. I know it sounds cliché, but there was a time when I was in the position of the female character. Therefore, I know what it feels like. It was a fairytale moment.
Who We Were Cover (pb).indd
One morning shortly after the restaurant opened, Qingshan came out of the kitchen and saw the first customer seated at a small table in a nearby corner. It was a lady, but Qingshan couldn’t see her face as she had her back to him. She was alone and wearing a traditional, classy, red Chinese chong sam. She was sitting upright with her legs neatly crossed under the table, and she was wearing a pair of red high heels. From his guess, she looked to be about medium height. He studied her for a while, taking in her slim body and silky, dark black hair, which was tied up neatly and elegantly into a low bun, before approaching the table. He noticed she was busy writing.
“Good morning, madam,” he greeted politely.
The lady stopped writing and turned to look at him. As soon as he saw her, he stopped abruptly, suddenly lost for words. Looking back at him was the most beautiful face he had ever seen, probably about the same age as him, in her mid-twenties. Stunned by her beauty he couldn’t help but stare as he felt he was looking into the face of an angel. He had never seen such beauty before. She had the most exquisite, fair, soft-looking complexion. She had beautifully almond-shaped, light brown eyes and her medium-sized lips were painted red, making her appear slightly sultry.
“Good morning,” the lady replied politely, with a radiant smile.
Her voice was soft and gentle and Qingshan could feel his face going red. At that moment his mind was consumed with her beauty and he couldn’t think about anything else.

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