30-day Writing Challenge by Ingramspark – Day 4

(Copyright/Credit – Ingramspark)

My biggest goals in life is to be the bestest writer/author I can be, and to run a successful publishing house. As mentioned before, I can have a few ideas at the same time. Occasionally, when I’ve started to work on a book, my mind would then start to create ideas for another book. When this happens, I would write the ideas down in my small brown book. But sometimes the new ideas are so strong in the head that I have to start working on it, which then leads to me working on two books to a maximum of three books at once. In this case, I would have to prioritize my time carefully and make sure that I spend the same amount of time for each book.

I always write down what I have to do for each day, whether if it is the smallest detail. It might seem unnecessary to write down every detail, but by writing it down, I will have it set in my mind as I’m looking at it. I know it has to be done and my mind will tell me to take it seriously. If I don’t write it down, it will just be a thought that lingers in the head. Even if I remember what I have to do, I might forget about it soon after.

Here’s an example of my schedule/goals during one of the weeks during lockdown. I plan each week seven days in advance, and if it needs changing or adding, I will move things around. Each week is different.

If I can’t get a task done, I will then move it to the following or another day in the same week as an additional task. I will put pressure on myself to get it done and catch up with the other tasks. As I’ve written everything down, I can see the workload piling up if I don’t catch up, which will then enable me to work harder and faster.

I also have a future plan/goals for the next three years which I look at several times every day to remind myself where I am working towards. The plan pictured below was drawn up last year. But when lockdown took place, I had to move things around and make changes due to production. I have yet to draw up an updated plan.

(Pictures under copyright – Puiyin W.L. Publishing®)