30-Day Writing Challenge by Ingramspark – Day 7

I have come across people in my life who wishes to write a book…or more. And when I ask them why not go for it, they would say that they either didn’t have the time or confidence to do so, or it is just one of their dreams. The question really is…how badly do you want to write a book? If it’s truly what you want to do, then do it. When it comes to success, no one is going to know if your book(s) will be a best seller. Sometimes in life, success can take time. Some find success with their first book, whereas others take time. All we can do is to keep on writing and not stop. If you believe in your own works and love what you do, then you will have no problem carry on writing and let fate take its course. Some journeys are not easy, especially when we have to do the publishing and marketing ourselves. There are self-publishing platforms like Ingramspark to publish and distribte with. And then we have to do a bit more ourselves by spreading the word. We have to do all that there is and all that we can. We should show off our works and be proud of it.

(My first book)

I remember seeing the very first sale for my first published book ten years ago. It was just one sale to begin with, and I was over the moon. Over time, the sales gradually increased. In the end, I didn’t have a best selling number, but I was still happy, because I knew that there were people out there who were buying my book, and they weren’t people I knew as they had bought the book straight from me. If you can get your works to sell slowly, imagine the sales you can get if you keep on writing. My advice is to keep on writing, keep on trying, don’t give up, believe in yourself, stop making excuses, do the very best you can, never be afraid to seek for help and advice, be inspired, remind yourself what makes you want to write, exercise, look after your wellbeing, have patience and don’t listen to what anyone else says or thinks. I rather live my life trying than regretting it later with a ‘what if?’. What if your book could have been a best seller?