30-Day Writing Challenge by Ingramspark – Day 8

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Mr R.L. Stine is the perfect example of the kind of writer/author I would like to become in terms of being inspiring. I have so much respect for him that it feels wrong for me to address him as R.L. Stine when I’m speaking or writing about him. So Mr Stine it is. Just like many readers, I grew up reading Mr Stine’s books in the nineties. I have always felt a connection to his works, like I could see myself being in his horror world and living in it. It felt real to me. Even my mother encouraged me to read his books. My best friend in Australia also grew up reading Mr Stine’s books (and she also addresses him as Mr Stine). She cared for the many books like they were her own treasures. She had the front and back covers wrapped in plastic (it’s a Malaysian thing) in order to keep them clean and from getting torn. That was how precious and sentimental the books were, and still are, to her. As for me, I had the many collection of books proudly displayed on a high shelf in my bedroom. It was the first thing anyone would see when they come into my space. It was the most well-looked after part of the bedroom aside from my medals’ display. But late in my teens, I had to make a drastic decision to give the books away. I had no choice, and it wasn’t for money. I cried after they were gone. That same year, I had lost my mother beforehand. When I gave the books away, I felt the same kind of loss when I had lost my mother, because those books had meant a lot to her as well. Since then, I vowed to get the books back in the future. Fast forward to last year, I started to retrieve some of the books in its original format. It wasn’t easy with some at hefty prices, but it was worth it. But I am nowhere near done.

(some of the original collections I’ve retrived)
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Mr Stine’s works has inspired me to create my own horror series Residential Stories which I am also dedicating to him. Since last year, I have started to re-read some of Mr Stine’s books as inspiration to my series. I can honestly say that they still give me the chills. It is not only Mr Stine’s works that I’m inspired by, but also how he connects with his readers and reaches out to them, which makes him one of the friendliest, humble and down-to-earth person anyone can come across.

One of the videos I’d come across is about how Mr Stine became the sensational writer/author with his horror empire. Even though his works were supposed to be written for the younger generations, adults love them too. There are just as many adult readers as there are the younger ones. I wish to inspire readers of all ages the way Mr Stine has done…and still is doing.