30-Day Writing Challenge by Ingramspark – Day 11

(Copyright/Credit – Ingramspark)

As mentioned before and hence my tagline Every Story Plays a Movie in the Head, I always like to write my stories like they were made for the silver screen. I want my readers to be able to have my stories playing in their heads like movies. When I write, I like to have the TV or music (Hollywood 90s R&B, hip pop and pop) on in the background as they serve as my inspiration. Sometimes I would be attracted to a specific song. I don’t pick the songs. Instead, my stories does. And it is the actual tune of the song rather than the lyrics that attracts me. When that happens, the song would create imaginary scenarios in my head which would then lead to my own version of a soundtrack or a music video of that song for either the story I am working on or an idea for another story. I would listen to the song repeatedly as it helps me to play out the story in the head. The song would help make my story so believable that I sometimes actually believe what is playing in my head. I can even imagine playing a character in the story. I love the feeling I get from this. I would get goosebumps. And it motivates me to keep on writing as I get lost in the tune.

Since working on Fauna 15 years ago, I have been listening to non-English music soundtracks from movies based on ancient Chinese myths and legends. The music is sad, emotional and in Chinese Mandarin, and I usually find myself emotionally getting lost in them, even though I am not fluent in the language itself. Once again, it is the tune that captures my soul.

The longer and more often I listen to a specific song repeatedly, it will become a part of me, and that song will have an imaginary scenerio in my head every time I listen to it.