30-Day Writing Challenge by Ingramspark – Day 12

(Copyright/Credit – Ingramspark)

As much as I love what I do, I would be lying if I didn’t say that there are times when I don’t feel that I can do it…finish writing my books…make it a success. Whenever that happens, a little voice in my head would give me doubts, telling me that people will not read my books and that it’s not going to sell. The voice usually comes on when I am in the middle of writing my drafts. The voice would make me doubt the plot of the stories and confuse me. Sometimes the voice would remind me in a discouraging manner that success can take time, even decades, and therefore, was I willing to wait that long. Of course when that happens, I would doubt myself and my works for a second. But then I would force myself to shake those thoughts away before telling the voice ‘NO, you cannot take the one thing that I love doing away from me.’ And then I would remind myself that I am always filled with stories to write, and I want to tell the world about it. In the end, I am always able to defeat the voice.

If you are passionate and love what you do, then don’t let anyone, or any voices, tell you otherwise. Only youself can know whether you can do it, and you can. You just have to set your mind on it and work extremely hard. Always believe.