30-Day Writing Challenge by Ingramspark – Day 15

(Copyright/Credit – Ingramspark)

Check out 6 tips to write captivating characters by Roz Morris on Ingramspark’s blog.

As mentioned before, I like to create my characters based on or inspired by real life people or fictional characters. I never create characters out of the blue without any background inspiration. When it comes to plotting and outlining the stories and the characters, it always helps if I could throw in a bit of real life experience combine with fiction in order for the readers to feel what I do. I want them to know the characters. My favourite is naming them. I don’t just give my characters any names. The names need to fit the characters and represent them.

There is one character in particular from my Who We Were series who has become my favourite. I can’t say much for now as the book hasn’t been released yet. All I can say is that I hadn’t intended to develop the character until I was halfway through writing the draft for the second book. The character was originally in the first book as a supporting character. It wasn’t an easy journey for the character to have to go through the changes in the story, and it was the ongoing situation, a backstory and the involvement with another supporting character that had caused the huge change in the character itself. It was that change that made me fall in love with the character whom I’d created.