30-Day Writing Challenge by Ingramspark – Day 20

(Copyright/Credit – Ingramspark)

Every writer/author experience writer’s block. It is impossible not to. Sometimes writer’s block can be a good thing because it encourages us to stop and have a think before carrying on with our writing. But sometimes it can be discouraging as the mind can wonder off and lose focus. Every writer/author has their own experience of writer’s block and overcoming it. Here are some tips as to how I overcome from mines.

How and when it happens

I don’t often have writer’s block, but when it happens, it is always when I am in the middle of penning my drafts. Even when I have the plot of the story I am working on outlined, my mind would tend to think about other possible plots for the story itself, which would then lead to writer’s block. I don’t know what triggers it. It just happens out of the blue.

What to do?

At this point, I would stop writing and lay on my bed in a comfortable position and relax. I like to lay close to the open bedroom window, even on a cold winter day. I don’t close my eyes or else I might fall asleep. I don’t do anything or think about anything else as I clear my mind. There should be no distractions around me; no TV, no music. Nothing. I don’t even think about what might have caused the writer’s block. I don’t allow myself to relax for too long. Maybe no more than thirty minutes, before getting back up and going back to my writing. If I relax for too long, I could lose my momentum.

Writing exercises

I find writing exercises useful as it helps to get me back in the flow of writing. I usually create my own exercises. I will write down the first word or sentence that comes to mind, and then I will expand on it without having to think about the grammar, spelling or what I’m writing. I just write freely.

Never push yourself during writer’s block

It is important not to force yourself to overcome the writer’s block. It will just make it worse. It’s like forcing someone to learn or do something against their will. The more you force them, the harder it is for them to learn or do whatever it is you want them to do. Or if you are recovering from a cold, and you are forcing your body to recover. It’s the same with writer’s block. You can’t force yourself to overcome it. Everyone has off days, and the same goes for your writing.


I am an active person, and I workout up to five times a week. Exercise is good for the mind. Sometimes some exercise is all you need to get your mind back in the writing game. Even if you are not a workout person, just a few minutes can make a huge difference to the way you feel. Even if it’s ten minutes. A lot of the time, I prefer to work out in a quiet environment so that I can allow my mind to relax and think about my writing. I don’t find it stressful thinking about work while working out. In fact, it motivates me. I get this feeling, this sensation, where every time I think about my writing during workout, my mind relaxes, and I get a strong determination to write.

Have a pamper

A good bath or shower is good for relaxation. I am more of a shower person, and I find it refreshing every single time I have one.


It helps to take a short nap (or power nap). It freshens the mind. But don’t go beyond it, or else your mind will shut off and you will feel tired when you wake up.

Writer’s block is just a short phase. My advice is not to let it be an excuse not to write. Learn to overcome it so that in the future, you will be prepared and get used to overcoming it each time it happens.

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