William Whiptail’s Words of Wisdom – Meet Jaspurr

William wasn’t very good at cooking and so he had just gone to the larder to get a piece of his favourite cheese when he noticed two enormous eyes peering through his front door which he had foolishly left open. The eyes belonged to the village cat Jaspurr who, up until that moment, William had never had any trouble with. William could feel the hairs rise on the back of his neck, nervous about what was going to happen next. He wondered if his little hairy legs were going to hold him up for much longer.

“Leave me alone Jaspurr, go and find your own food!” William said, trying to sound tough, but his voice was a giveaway as it showed signs of a slight quiver.

“Why?” asked Jaspurr.

“Because it’s not fair picking on someone that is so much smaller than you. And anyway your humans give you plenty of food.”

“But I like the smell of your cheese sooooo much . . . and you would make such a tasty treat for a cat like me.”