30-Day Writing Challenge by Ingramspark – Day 29

Share your writing with a friend.

As you near the end of the writing challenge—it’s time to take another big step in your writing journey.

If you haven’t yet, share some of your writing.

How you imagine people will react when you share your story:

How people actually react when you share your story:

(Copyright/Credit – Ingramspark)

It doesn’t have to be a complete novel, or even a complete story—it can be a paragraph you’ve worked hard on or a few words you’re proud of. 

Writing can often be difficult to share with others. The idea of reading it out loud or sending it to a friend can bring on feelings of anxiety. For some, this might be the most difficult part of the challenge. But your words have the power to make a change. Your story is meant to be shared.

Take that leap of faith. Share your story today.

Apart from having amazing readers/fans/bloggers around the world who have reached out to me and bought my books, I am also blessed to have friends who supports me in whatever I do.

“Super proud of my old class mate from BPS (Bangkok Patana School) @puiyin.wl on her first published book. If you attended BPS I’m sure having a read of this will be a trip down memory lane remembering what a great school it was and is….” – Claire

There was even a small book launch for Who We Were.

“What an amazing book. I couldn’t put it down. It should be a movie.” – Mind

“This is a really good book. I liked it a lot. I am amazed this is the 1st book by Ms.Puiyin. Ms.Puiyin does a good job of making you feel like you are right there with the characters. It is easy to picture what is happening. A real surprise.” – Vanessa

“Definitely an interesting read to see how things were growing up from a different perspective.” – Jimmy