Fun, Write & Philosophy – Yoga Writing

This exercise is best practised during the start of any writing projects rather than during writer’s block. Look at it as a warm-up, because it is all about relaxation and getting ready to write.

First, find a comfortable place to write, even if it’s in bed. I am old-fashioned, and I like to do this exercise via pen and paper (notebook). But if you prefer typing on your laptop/computer, by all means go ahead. Just like with yoga, this exercise will help to relax the mind and body and put you mentally in a positive writing mindset. You can choose to have the TV/music on in the background if you like. For me, I work best with distractions as they serve as my inspiration.

Once you are ready, think of the first word that comes to your head. For example, apple. Don’t think about anything else apart from the word apple. Now, start to write about anything that comes to mind when you think of the word apple. See how I’ve mentioned ‘the word apple’ rather than just ‘apple’ to broaden the meaning surrounding the word.

What you write about doesn’t have to make sense. It can be complete nonsense, but at the same time, make it positive. Leave anything negative you want to write about for your actual writing projects (if need be). This exercise is all about positivity in the mindset. Don’t even worry about any spellings and grammar. Don’t stop writing. Take your time. There’s no time limit for this exercise.

When you are nearing about a full page long, what you are writing may or may not make sense. Either way, it doesn’t matter. The real question is how you are feeling. Are you feeling comfortable enough to stop writing, or are you finding it hard to write because you are thinking too much about what to write. Usually when you are feeling comfortable enough to stop, what you are writing would have already started to make sense, whereas if not, your writing would be over the place. If you choose to stop and move on to your other writing projects, you might find it hard to start writing because your mind is not in the right mindset. My best advice is to keep on writing until you feel happy and comfortable enough to stop.

Remember, how we feel can have an effect on our writing.