Fun, Write & Philosophy – Work & Pleasure

I like to spend my Friday evenings/nights relaxing in my living room and writing in front of the TV with a glass of red wine (with the bottle on the side) and some dark chocolates. It is the only time during the week where I mix work with pleasure. You’ll be amazed at what I can get done with the boost of red wine. During this time, I don’t work on any edits/proofreading, just drafts, ideas and writing exercises. It is the moment to relax for the rest of the evening/night without having to work on anything too ‘heavy’.

It is good to make our writing moments fun sometimes. Try and take at least once a week to work in a relaxing and stress-free environment, someplace where you don’t usually work at. It can be any time of day. And your moment doesn’t have to include red wine or alcohol for that matter. You don’t need alcohol to have fun. My Friday nights include red wine because I love my red and the art of drinking and appreciating it, especially with dark chocolates. Sometimes relaxing and working someplace different can help you to write differently. It can even help with the creativity and how you think. You might even learn something new. There have been times during my moments where I’ve come up with better scenarios for my works.