(A typical weekend night writing and red wine)

Welcome to my blog, a personal space of mine. My name is Puiyin W.L. (I like to be addressed by my pen name) and I am an author and publisher from London-town. Here, I will share and post just about anything about my writing/publishing life on a more personal perspective. If you would like to know more about my professional life, please head over to Puiyin W.L. Publishing.

I started this blog (formerly known as PY Lab) back in the late summer of 2012 during the London Paralympics. Before then, I never thought about blogging. It was the inspiration of the amazing Paralympians performing amazing sports, especially swimming, that inspired me to write about them. Also, I am a mother to a very special autistic boy who loves to swim competitively and could be representing Team GB (Great Britain of course) Paralympics swim team in the near future.

(My boy during training)

It is with these inspirations that I decided to have a blog that was personal. Since then, this blog (now known as Puiyin W.L.) has come a long way. I have met and become friends with a number of bloggers, especially those who have followed and supported me from the very beginning, the very first post, and have followed my long journey in to building my publishing house. It is you guys who keep me inspired to keep on blogging. Believe me when I say I wouldn’t have blogged for this long without your support. Even when I had to move house and couldn’t blog for a few months, you guys still stood by me. Some of you would leave me messages to let me know you will be waiting for my return no matter how long it was going to take. So thank you. This blog will keep on thriving because of you.

To new fellow bloggers, don’t be shy to reach out. It’s always good to meet new friends.

Happy writing, my beautiful bloggers. X

(During a crazy moment with my supportive bestie and number one fan)