My writing life

As an author, I love the craft of writing, which is why I love to pen my stories on paper before typing it onto my laptop. When it comes to writing, I cannot start by ‘writing’ on my laptop. I just wouldn’t be able to think and concentrate. My mind would go blank. I would need to pen the ideas and drafts on paper beforehand. It’s just how I work.

Like most authors/writers, I am a major coffee addict. Whenever I am out, I would have my favourite Starbucks Latte. And at home, I would just have ‘normal’ bitter coffee. I can’t start my day without coffee and a blueberry muffin.

I will continue to drink coffee throughout the day every single day. Yup! A major coffee addict.

I tend to work till late, and during these times, I would swap my coffee for energy drinks (above). Sometimes I would work till 4am, and then I would be up by 7am almost every morning.

I get my inspiration for my writing from all the people and things around me. I am always filled with ideas and stories in my head. And I love to daydream about the kinds of stories and characters I want to create. It is like creating a movie or a scene in my head. I also like to spend my free time in Soho London. It is a big area in central London where madness takes place. It is also a place where I can relax and be myself. Sometimes I even do some writing there. I like to relax at an outdoor coffee shop and write. Unless if the weather is hot, then I would have a pint of nice, cold beer instead of my usual coffee. Soho is a great place to unwind.

Despite the stress and long hours, I wouldn’t change or swap my passion for writing for anything.