Once upon a time, there was a little playful girl who would rather spend her time playing with her toys, including her imaginary friends, than studying and doing her homework. With such poor grades her father came up with a strict rule. As well as doing her homework, the little girl had to write a short story every single day and that included the weekends and holidays. As long as she followed this rule she was allowed to play. And so she did as she was told, even though she hated having to do so. She didn’t care for writing, but she did not dare disobey her father. To begin with she had trouble coming up with ideas for her short stories. It was then that she thought of writing about her toys and imaginary friends. Once she started getting into the writing spirit her imagination came to life on the paper. Without even realising it the little girl grew to love writing and it wasn’t long before her short stories became long stories. Every story she wrote played a movie in her head. For such an imaginative child, the little girl did not have to look for inspiration to write. Instead, she let the inspirations come to her, which wasn’t hard because they were always around her and lighting up her imagination. Many years later, the little girl grew up to become an author and went on to create and build PUIYIN W.L. PUBLISHING®, a UK-based, independent publishing house…and home to that little girl’s imagination, which still – and will – forever thrive.                                       

“What if the imagination is the reality, and we are the imagination? Then it’s about time we make our imagination our reality. – Puiyin W.L.



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