A half tradition, half Filipino style Christmas turkey 2014

Merry Christmas to the year 2014 everybody.


This year (2014) has been a turbulence year for me and my family. But in the end, we got to where we wanted to be. So joy to the world 🙂 xmas

Also, this year marks the very first time me and my family made turkey dinner all on our own. In the past, we would have turkey made by my in-laws, a whole roast chicken, or in my case, lamb chops.

When my parents were around, we would always have lamb chops instead of turkey during Christmas. I don’t know why, exactly. We were the kind of family who loves lamb chops. But we don’t often have it, because we don’t want to get tired of eating it. During ‘normal’ days, my mom would cook the usual minted grilled lamb chops. But every Christmas, she would cook a giant lamb leg. For only the three of us, it was a lot to eat, and we enjoyed it. It was our family tradition. Then when my mom got sick and had to stay one Christmas in hospital, my dad would keep the tradition going. So he would cook the lamb chops instead. But he wasn’t a very good cook. In fact, he wasn’t a cook at all. However, it was his hard work and attempts that was counted for. Although he did burn the lamb a little, I still enjoyed it. Sadly, the tradition stopped when my parents passed away. That was a long time ago.

Today, my family have our own tradition. Since marrying my Filipino husband, we’ve always had roast chicken or turkey cooked by my in-laws during Christmas. But this year, we moved into our new home, therefore, we have our very own turkey tradition. Our turkey is made half tradition (like the usual tradition) and half Filipino style. What I mean by Filipino style, I mean the way Filipinos grill/cook a whole chicken. And my husband, who is a qualified chef by the way, so don’t worry, is using that technique to cook the turkey. This might be confusing to some, but any Filipinos reading this would know what I mean. And the key to a successful Filipino chicken, or turkey in our case, is lemongrass.

In the end, I loved the tradition-Filipino turkey. But my husband was disappointed, because we didn’t have lemongrass. We spent most of our time shopping for pressies that we left the turkey shopping till last. Big mistake. My husband did try his best, but I could see the disappointment. However, I told him that it is only our first tradition-Filipino turkey. There will be plenty more Christmases to come. So next year, we will be prepared. Sorry I didn’t capture a photo. I will do so next year. And hopefully, my chef will succeed in his new-found turkey recipe. xmas3xmasteddy

Merry Christmas and looking forward to a busy new year.

Your special message – coffee paper cup designs Christmas special

Here are some of my coffee paper cup designs for Christmas with special messages from people. I hope you like them. Merry Christmas.

1) To Oudvin Cassell

cups chir

cups chir2

cups chir3

2) To Shiyi Ch’ng

cups many trees

cups many trees2

3) To C@ aka. Cat

cups big

cups big2

4) To C@ aka. Cat (again)

cups cat1

cups pam2

5) To Pamela Wong

cups pam

cups pam3

And finally, this cup is for my dear bloggers, especially to those who have supported me. I just want to say a big THANK YOU. cups stars

cups stars2



Your special message – coffee paper cup designs

Christmas is the time for friends, families, and loved ones to come together. It is the time of year to spread love, joy, and happiness. Inspired by The-Rush-Hour-Crush from The Metro newspaper (UK), I will be doing some special message coffee paper cup designs, and I want you guys out there to be involved. If you have a special message you want to tell someone, or you just have something nice and lovable to share to people, then tell me. Please keep the message short. And then I will put that message onto the coffee paper cups along with my own designs on them. Please note that if I do receive a lot of messages, I can only randomly select a few. In the end, I will display the chosen messages on the coffee paper cups on my blog, Facebook page, and Twitter by Christmas Day. Just leave your special message below, and let me know if you do not want your name/blog/Twitter/Facebook name to be mentioned. Otherwise, contact me via ‘Contact’ on my blog. So come on and get involved.