News update

Hello all,

Good news. The publishing company is well under way. I am trademarking the name and logo, and I have just passed the first HUGE step. Now, it’s the waiting game. Under UK law, every new company needs to have its name/logo in the Trademark Journal for two months for anyone/company to object. I have until mid December, before Christmas. Therefore, once again, I have to delay the launch. Meantime, work on the first soon-to-be published book under the company is also underway. There have been so many sleepless nights for the last couple of months. But it’s all going to be so bloody worth it. I haven’t forgotten you all. Aside from the company, I also have news regarding my two previous books.

There will be a new re-write of ‘A Chinese Christmas Carol’. Don’t get me wrong. The book will still be available to buy. Considering many of you bought the book, I would not want to make any changes to the original. Instead, a similar, but slightly different story will be told. I am grateful for those who have bought it. It will always be the original background story. However, I want to made a saga or a series out of it. For those who have read it will know that there are questions to be answered. And those questions will be answered in the saga/series.


Unfortunately, ‘Family Sorrow’ will be taken down once the company is launched. Instead, it will also be re-written and be part of ‘A Chinese Christmas Carol’ saga/series. For those who have bought it, thank you, and always remember it will always be the original background story.

All these changes are due to the fact that as a will-be-soon company, I want to start fresh with the books. But there are still stories regarding characters from both books to tell that I cannot just not write about. Which is why I want to start fresh, and yet, hold on to parts of the old.

I hope many of you will support me on this new exciting journey. Because without readers, writers, bloggers, and supporters like you out there, there will be no means for books to be written. Meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions regarding the changes. I will do my best to answer them.

Love you all,

PY Lab

Updates – ‘Family Sorrow’ for Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013


Last month, I entered my book ‘Family Sorrow’ for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Unfortunately, 2000 out of the 10,000 entries got through to the second round, and ‘Family Sorrow’ isn’t amongst the 2000 entries. However, I would like to thank those who have supported me on entering the competition. Much appreciated. I am extremely disappointed, but I also won’t give up. Like the saying goes, sometimes we have to fall many times before getting somewhere at the top. Thank you once again for the huge support.

Behind ‘Along Came Sandy and Farah’ – Family Sorrow


In ‘Along Came Sandy and Farah’ of chapter eight in Family Sorrow, Elena is bullied by two westernized Chinese girls from a nearby international school. She is then rescued by two students from her school, Sandy and Farah.

The chapter was actually inspired by my mother’s experience back in high school. My mother attended a public Chinese girls’ school in Malaysia. One day, when she was walking home from school alone, she decided to take a different route, because she wanted to go to the shops by the main road. The area where she was at was not busy, and there were not many people around. She did not walk for long when she suddenly came across two Chinese girls. My mother immediately recognized their uniforms and knew that they were from the international school nearby. She ignored them and carried on walking. Back then, many students from my mother’s school and students from the international school, particularly some of the Chinese students, did not get along. If students from both schools came across one another, fights would usually break out. As my mother ignored the two girls, she had a feeling that they were looking at her, and that made her uncomfortable. She wasn’t the kind of person who would usually fight back. As the two girls walked past her, they started mocking and teasing her in a mean and nasty tone of voice and manner. They were arrogant. They spoke perfect English with American accents. They mocked and teased my mother for being in a public Chinese school. My mother prayed that the two girls would leave her alone and not hurt her. Luckily, the two girls did not start any troubles as they just walked off laughing. Since then, my mother never took that same route alone ever again. However, she still saw the two girls every now and again getting into fights with students from her school.

Years later, when my mother was in her early twenties, she came across one of the two Chinese girls. The girl ended up working at the same place as my mother. What a coincidence. But according to my mother, the girl did not recognize her. Whether this was true or not, I don’t know. My mother did not mention the bullying incident to her. The funny thing is, the both of them became friends. My mother even said that the girl had changed. And even though the girl still spoke perfect English with an American accent, she was no longer mean or arrogant. Apparently, the girl even visited me and my mother at the hospital shortly after I was born. My mother later lost contact with her when the both of them changed jobs.