Chinese New Year 2014


It is Chinese New Year 2014, the year of the horse. Many Chinese, including those of other nationalities from around the world, will be celebrating the lively, colourful, and joyous festival. It is also the time to be with family and friends. Where I am, in London-town, every year, the festival is celebrated in Chinatown and Trafalgar Square, London’s famous landmarks. Roads between Chinatown and Trafalgar Square will be closed for Chinese entertainment to take place, such as parades, acrobatics, traditional dance, singing, martial arts, Chinese celebrities appearances, and not to forget the dragon/lion dance.


Chinese New Year delicacies. cyn5  cyn2 cyn3

My favourite part of Chinese New Year is eating the Chinese rice balls. Here’s the link as a reminder for those who have forgotten about Chinese rice balls

My best friend’s mother in Malaysia recently entered a rice ball competition where she had to be creative with using rice balls in the form of art.1491268_428654217262698_1698682218_o









I would like to thank Irene Soo and Chunkha Phen for the photos.

Happy Chinese New Year to my dearest fellow bloggers 🙂

Inspiration from Metro newspaper

Photo credit: Metro newspaper (UK)

Sometimes I get my inspiration for my writing from this newspaper, Metro. It’s available for free from Mondays to Fridays at almost every underground tube stations in London. I am not sure about outside of London. Almost all commuters read the Metro, including me. The Metro is a good read, and it consists of things/events that are going on in London, including gossips, celebrities and author interviews, good books to read, places to dine and have fun, entertainment news, latest films and reviews, and sports. It might seem like any other ordinary newspaper to most people, but for me, it always gives me ideas for the kind of books that I might want to write about. The Rush-Hour Crush section in particular is where I mostly look at to get my inspiration. It is also my favourite section. The Rush-Hour Crush is a section where commuters write (via Metro) to their rush-hour-on-the-tube or on-the-bus crush. Sometimes it’s funny to read about how two strangers meet, especially during the hectic and chaotic rush hour in the mornings on the underground.