Review – William Whiptail

Well done to two of my fabulous authors, Vivian Head and Biddy Lee, for getting a 5-Star review on their children’s book, The Wanderings of William Whiptail.

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Reviewed by Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

“Written by Vivian Head and illustrated by Biddy Lee, The Wanderings of William Whiptail follows the delightful and whimsical adventures of a mouse traveling to live with his cousin. William has lived in London for years now and longs for a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. Having to scuttle through the crowds and dodge a myriad of obstacles, London is becoming too much for him. He decides to embark on the long journey to the countryside. William realizes soon enough that his heavy luggage is only weighing him down. Leaving most of his things with a small homeless mouse, he moves on. The trip takes him to beautiful and wonderful sights, and dangerous routes with menacing predators amidst opportunities of magical wishes and a chance at love.

The work is told through captivating scenes and colorful illustrations which feature images that evoke imagination. The story is full of suspense as William leaves one place to go to the next and encounters different characters. While some are friendly, one character views him as a potential meal and many times he encounters dangerous situations. William’s access to three wishes adds to the suspense as anticipation grows in trying to find out how he will utilize them. In some ways, William is imperfect, sometimes prone to making up good tales. Different situations in the book also reveal his opinions of various characters. This makes him authentic and realistic. The Wanderings of William Whiptail is a captivating story whose twists make it even more entertaining.”

Even though William Whiptail is a children’s book, I can honestly say that even adults love it.

“I loved it and would recommend for children and adults.”  – Amazon user 

“This was such a delightfully sweet little book with wonderful illustrations. Even my elderly mother enjoyed reading it!  – Amazon user

The sequel William Whiptail’s Words of Wisdom is now available.


My American Bucket List Trip (Part 1)

america-geography-map-32307(*Name has been changed for privacy purpose)

Recently, I came upon a post by a childhood friend from high school which caught my attention. The post was about growing old and creating a bucket list. It was inspiring to see the many things she wanted to do before she was forty years old. It wasn’t until last year (2018) when another one of my childhood friends, *Grayson, from America came to visit me in London that our long spirited conversations got me thinking about creating my own bucket list. You see, Grayson and I go way back. We met at a young age at the beginning of our teenage years. Our mothers were good friends, and she was right with me by my mother’s dying bed. She was like a second mother to me. Ever since then, I somehow see my mother in Grayson and his mother, as strange as that may sound. So when he visited me and we both reminisced about our childhood days in Bangkok, I somehow thought about my life and how I wanted to live it. That was when I thought about life in general. There were many things I wanted to do, especially one that is at the very top of the list, and that is a road trip in America. However, this road trip is different than the one you may have in mind. It will be a nineties, Chevy Chase’s National Lampoon, the movie Road Trip, American Pie kind of road trip starting from San Jose, California all the way to New York City. Grayson and his wife will be joining me on this trip. They had even come up with a rough plan on the routes we would take and the states we would cross. I didn’t want to follow the famous Route 66. So with the help of Grayson and his wife, I am going to create my own route. My bucket list is going to involve stopping at the states we have to cross and doing something memorable. I have to be adventurous. For example, if we stop at Texas, I would have to ride the mechanical bull. Every day, I will document my trip on this blog and take many pictures along the way. And I will have a souvenir box filled with memorable souvenirs from each state. How fun is that? This road trip will also mean a lot to me as my father had wanted to take me on a trip to New York before he was to retire. Sadly, he passed away when I was eighteen before he could retire. My parents loved America, and they have been traveling there since before I was born. So in honour of them, I will be bringing a special framed family picture along with me. It would be like they are with me on the trip. It is what they would have wanted. The framed picture is almost twenty years old, and my mother put the pictures inside it herself. It hasn’t been opened or rearranged. Her touch still remains within the frame.


This road trip will not be my first. When I was really young, we had a road trip during the winter season from San Francisco to Florida and then Washington DC. From there, the road trip finished, and we flew to New York for the rest of the vacation. For my road trip, I want to travel during the spring or summer.


Starting from today, I will keep my bucket list open, meaning I will keep adding the things I want to do to the list and the states I wish to cross. Rather than have a confirmed list, I am going to list down the things I hope to accomplish. And those of you who have any ideas as to what I can do, please share. I do not know the exact states I will be crossing, but any ideas beforehand would be thought of and appreciated. The trip will not be anytime soon, but it will definitely happen. Three years tops at this moment.

1) Meet Mr R.L. Stine (and also try to write as many books as him in life)



69667698_2356291681351543_533307137116340224_n (1)

I grew up reading books by Mr R.L. Stine, and I particularly fell in love with the Fear Street series. Mr Stine isn’t just a favourite author of mine. His books means a lot to me. And even though I am fan of other authors, Mr Stine is different as I grew up feeling a connection to his works. Even my mother encouraged me to read his books. Sadly later in my teens, I had to give away my many collections. But that still didn’t stop me from getting inspired by his works. It wasn’t until recently that I started retrieving his original Fear Street series on Ebay. It is hard, as not all of the titles are available on sale. Some I had to pay hefty price for it, but it was worth it. I mean, it’s Mr Stine we’re talking about.

I hope I get the chance to meet Mr Stine somehow. I will do my best to see if there is an event at the time of my trip, a meet and greet possibly. It would be a dream come true and to have him sign some of the original format Fear Street books.

2) Mechanical bull ride


Why not? You sometimes see it in movies and it does make me wonder if it’s really difficult to ride one. It is something very ‘American’ and I plan to do it. Besides, I wouldn’t find the mechanical bull anywhere else in the world. And I plan to ride the bull with a cowboy hat on. It’s the right way to do it. To be honest, I am terrified as I don’t want to break my neck falling off, but then again, it is once in a life time American experience.

3) New York University (NYU)

There was a time when I wanted to go to college/university in America. Even though I was attending a British international school, I still wanted to further my studies in America. I wanted to attend NYU and study either English or Law. But little did I know my path in life would change and I would end up going to London town. However, it would be nice to have a brief visit to NYU just to see the place where I could have ended up.

4) New Orleans

I have never been to New Orleans, but I’ve known of its unique and vibrant party atmosphere in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street and would like to experience it. For those of you who don’t know, I love to write about ghosts and the world beyond, and I do believe in that existence. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind visiting some voodoo witchcraft shops and have a spiritual reading done.

5) Visit a Gilmore Girls and American Pie kind of town/neighbourhood

I am a huge movie fan, and I like watching…and re-watching films and TV series addictively from the eighties, nineties and early twenties, particularly Gilmore Girls, American Pie and National Lampoon. There is something about the scenery and settings that always captures my attention. It makes me want to be there. Maybe what I see on TV is different from reality, but I rather experience it for myself.

6) San Francisco


69698837_974888382894384_3317022235046182912_n(my parents in San Francisco way before I was born)


San Francisco was my parents’ favourite American state because of its calmness. I especially like the houses that line up along the steep road/hill. While in San Francisco, I would like to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge a few times. I always get mesmerized when I see the bridge on TV. There’s always something about it that makes me feel drawn to it. I guess visiting San Francisco will be in a way for my parents. I am going there on their behalf.

7) Rocky Mountains


Just like with the Golden Gate Bridge, I get mesmerized by the American wilderness, especially with its pine trees.

8) Chicago


Ok, this was Grayson’s idea. Chicago is Grayson’s home ground, and I was told by him that we HAD to stop over in Chicago. It’s not optional. I have never been to Chicago, therefore, I can’t say much.

9) Deserts


Driving through a desert was inspired by me by Chevy Chase’s National Lampoon series.

10) New York City



I want to take a picture with the frame at the exact same spot where the picture above was taken.

New York will be the last stop where my road trip ends. I will then spend about a week  there before heading back home to London. During my time in New York, I would like to stop by The Hamptons. I am a bustling city person, and I have always loved New York. I can’t live without the hectic city life around me.

During one night, I would like to dine at one of those elegant restaurants that plays lively, romantic and classy Frank Sinatra kind of music. I find that this kind of atmosphere suits and defines New York. New York, New York.

Well, that is all for part one. They will be more to come as the list grows and the adventure continues…

Review: Re-cycle (Chinese horror)

Re-cycle is an Asian horror movie from Hong Kong. It is written and directed by Danny and Oxide Pang, also known as the Pang brothers.

The movie is about an author, Ting-Yin, who is ‘living’ her novel as she writes it. After publishing three successful romantic novels, Ting-Yin struggles to come up with the idea for the follow-up novel. Her book agent comes up with the idea that she should turn to a different genre. And before she knows it, her book agent has already come up with the new title and genre, Re-cycle, a supernatural novel. But as soon as she starts to work on her new novel, she finds it hard to concentrate (writer’s block). She keeps on writing and deleting her work. Since then, strange events begin to take place in her apartment. She soon realizes that what she experiences is what she has already written for her new novel. One night, she steps out of the elevator in her apartment building and ends up in a terrifying world where all abandon things in life ends up, including ghosts and lost souls. She soon meets an old man and a familiar young girl who helps her find her way back to her own world. But she has not got much time, because a female ghost that she had created and written about and later erased from the new novel, is after her.

Overall, the movie reminds me of a dark and scary version of Disney World meets the afterlife. It has a scary, fantasy, and adventurous setting. I also noticed that some parts of the movie have relations to what some Chinese people believe in reality, such as the scenes with the aborted babies and the graveyard scenes. These scenes seemed more realistic in terms of its meanings compared to the scene with the giant, abandon toys. My favourite scene is when Ting-Yin and the young girl have to cross a bridge where the dead walks. Ting-Yin has to hold her breath as she crosses the bridge. In reality, the Chinese believe that if you are anywhere near a place where the ghosts and spirits wanders at night, like a graveyard, always hold your breath, or else the ghost or spirit will follow or possess you. Even the background music to that scene will get you praying for Ting-Yin to make it across the bridge. Apart from the movie being scary and heart-jumping, there is also a sense and feeling of lost and sadness between Ting-Yin and the young girl, who holds a big secret that only she and the old man knows.

This might sound silly, but after watching the movie, it somehow got me thinking as to whether this kind of world really exists. Or if that is what the afterlife looks like. There is also a slight twist at the end of the movie. Some might get it, some probably won’t. As for me, I am in the middle. I have seen this movie four times, and I am still wondering about the ending. It is one of those endings where the answer is right in front of you the entire time without you even realizing it. Unless you are smart enough to realize it from the beginning.

My favourite character in the movie is the young girl, because I can feel the loneliness and sadness that she feels, especially during those times when she wants Ting-Yin to know her big secret.

In my opinion, the only negative and disappointing thing I have to say about the movie is that I’d wanted to see more of the terrifying, fantasy world. When it reached the climax of the movie, I feel as though everything, the scenes and the actions, were happening kind of fast, like the directors wanted to finish the movie and get to the point as soon as possible. I thought that the other scenes before the climax were much better than the climax itself. However, this is just my opinion.

This movie is definitely worth a watch. Check out the link below for the trailer.

Asian horrors

I just finished watching ‘The Haunting’ from 1999. It is the third time I have seen it. After all these years, I still find the movie scary in terms of the history of the house and its story rather than the overall action and storyline of the movie. In case I haven’t mention, I am a huge horror fan. But to be precise, I am more into the spiritual and ghostly horrors. And whenever I watch these kind of horrors, I am always interested in the story behind it, like how it happen. Like a prequel. The beginning. However, I did watch a little bit of the original version of ‘The Haunting’. I can’t comment much on it as I didn’t finish the movie. Another horror movie that I like which is similar to ‘The Haunting’ is Stephen King’s ‘Rose Red’, followed by the prequel ‘The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer’. This is a good example of what I like. A prequel to a story. But no horrors can beat my love for Asian horrors, especially Thai horrors. Many of the Asian horrors keep the audience guessing. And the ending is usually very unexpected in a good and yet scary kind of way. I would like to share and recommend some good Asian horrors which I would watch over and over again.

First one is ‘Recycle’. It is a Hong Kong horror. I will be doing a review on this, therefore I will not comment on it for now. Second one is a Thai horror ‘Mae Nak’. It is a beautiful horror based on a true story from the 19th century. It is about a husband who goes off to war and leaves behind a pregnant wife. The wife later dies while giving birth, and so does the baby. Due to the fact that the wife’s love for the husband is so strong, she and the baby comes back as ghosts. When the husband finally returns, he has no idea that his wife and the baby are already dead. This movie made me cry, because it represents true love between the husband and wife. The third one is another Thai horror ‘Coming Soon’. Now, this movie is proper scary. It is a about a movie that is cursed. Whoever watches it will also be cursed, and they will end up being trapped in the movie itself. The fourth one is a Vietnamese horror ‘Spirits’. It is the eerie and haunting atmosphere and setting that makes it a good horror. The movie focuses on a writer, a mysterious beautiful woman, and a nurse. Even though the three main characters are connected to one another, their background story is told separately. Lastly, a Korean horror ‘R-Point’. The movie is set in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. It is about a group of South Korean soldiers who goes to an island to look for some of their missing soldiers. Strange events begin to take place upon arrival, and the group of solders soon find it hard to distinguish what is real and what is not. This movie requires full attention in order to be understood. I had to watch it three or four times in order to ‘sort of’ understand it. I am still trying to figure it out.

So those are some of my favourite Asian horrors. I occasionally enjoy English/American horrors. But I somehow find Asian horrors much more scarier.