Happy Anniversary/Paralympics


It has been 4 years since I started this blog, and back then, it was the London 2012 Paralympics. I can still remember my very first post about the event. I had no idea the kind of support I would receive considering it was only my first post. As I am writing this post, I am watching the Rio 2016 Paralympics live. All the amazing feelings I had felt during the London 2012 Paralympics came rushing back to me. You see, I am a huge supporter of Autism, because my beautiful boy is autistic, and he can do many amazing things. He is a brilliant swimmer. In school, he was amongst a very few who was selected for a swimming competition. He is still young for the competition, but because he is that brilliant, he was selected. You can imagine what a proud momma I am. He is also creative. He loves designing all sorts of designs using the computer and ipad. The designs are all from scratch. I have even decided to make him a published author by publishing all of his designs, and all the royalties will go to him. The publishing company will not keep a single penny. I do have plans for him to join Team GB Paralympics swim team when he is older, but the decision is really down to him.


(Photo credit – Autism Awareness)

I always feel emotional watching the Paralympics, because I feel proud of those athletes. No matter what kind of special needs/disability they have, they still seem to live life to the fullest. To me, they are true heroes. They prove that anyone can do anything. Nothing is impossible. I know there are many people who supports the Paralympics. Unfortunately, my boy has experienced discrimination in the past. But I have been there to stand up for him. I immediately become an aggressive mother when that happens. Can you blame me? I hope people out there will support those with special needs/disability not just during the Paralympics season, but also after that. We have to remember that these amazing human beings are just like everyone else.

I wish those participating in the Paralympics the very best of luck, and don’t forget to have fun.

Goodbye Blogging 101


I cannot believe Blogging 101 is over. Completely over. To be honest, this is going to sound silly, I thought that there was a reason why it was called Blogging 101, because there was going to be 101 tasks. Oh man. I was even looking forward to it. At the moment, I only manged to complete seven tasks. And even though Blogging 101 is over, I am still going to complete all the tasks. I have met some lovely bloggers along the way. Thank you for coming into my blogging life. And thank you to @michelleweber @chrissiepollock @chrisrudzki @susanrnet and to the @wordpress team. Thank you for making Blogging 101 happen. I hope there will be something similar like this in the near future.

Much love, PY Lab


Day 7 – The change: a personal account

Alright, so last night, I decided to change the theme of my blog. I didn’t want to. But I thought I would give it a try. Who knows. I might like it. And so I did. Below are the before and after pictures I took.pyshotScreenshot_16Screenshot_17Screenshot_18Screenshot_19

The new look did look nice. After I changed it, I went to bed. But I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about the change. And funnily enough, it lead me to think about the other changes that have recently happened in my life. I am such an emotional person.

Right at the beginning of this year, my husband decided to get into the working out-gym-body building routine. It was an immediate change for me. Just last year during Christmas, he was my funny man-gamer-chef-down to earth husband. And as soon as it was 2016, the change suddenly happened. It was very sudden for me. Then I got the news that my company (the publishing company that will be trading under) has passed the UK trademark law. That is great. I am happy. And then there were changes to my current work place. All these changes did make an impact on my life. It was so sudden that I didn’t know how to take it all in. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy, especially for my husband who wants to be healthy. But sometimes I’m afraid of changes. For my husband, I’m afraid I might emotionally lose him as the person I once knew to someone I might not recognize. As for me, I promise myself to always stay humble, no matter where the company takes me. So today, I decided to change my theme back to the one it was, because the way the blog was reminds me where I started both as an author and a person. Some of you might think I’m just being silly. But hey, this is why I have this blog in the first place. It’s a place for me to be me and meet those who will accept me for me. And it’s a place where I can share what I’m feeling.

I’m still adjusting to the changes which I’ve mentioned. Although I’ve changed my blog to the way it was, there are still some changes to the fonts that are not the same. But it’s ok. I am ‘back home’. If those of you might know the original names to the fonts, please let me know.

Changes can be good. But in my case, my blog needs to be my humble ground, no matter where life takes me.

Day 6 – About me


The ‘about me’ page was the very first thing I started doing when creating my blog. Back then, I mainly wrote about my past and how I became the person I am today. It was more like a mini biography. Since then, a lot has changed. I’ve learned to have more confidence in myself when writing posts. In the beginning, I was so uptight. Every word, every sentence, had to be perfect. Then I started getting comments and questions. They were supportive and sometimes personal. And by replying to those comments and questions has encouraged me to be myself and write ‘as me’. I didn’t want to pretend to be a perfect writer/author. I wanted the bloggers to know and like me for me as a ‘person’ on a personal level. So whatever I wrote/write on this blog, it’s all real. No professional editing. Yes, we should look over our work before publishing it. But on this blog, if I do make a mistake, even with grammars or spellings, that’s because I’m human. I’m just being me.

Looking back, I don’t think there’s anything I would want to change about my original ‘about me’ page. However, if I had to cut to the chase and describe in a few words about me, I would probably say:

Someone who loves to create stories that plays in your head.

Hey, that could be my new tagline 🙂

Day 5 – What if……

Ever since I created this blog, I’ve never once change the theme, fonts, or design. It has always remained the same. So today, I experimented with different themes to see what PY Lab would look like in different modes.


I like the font. It’s like a newspaper typo kind of font. A good one for writers.




Here’s one that I kind of like. I love the heading, menus, and the picture in the background. It really goes with my tagline. So mysterious. One thing I like about this blog is the layout of the posts. You have a preview of a few at once. Unlike the one I have at the moment, it’s one post at a time as you scroll up/down the blog. It does give me a thought about having a theme with several posts to be seen at once. But then again, I will still miss my current theme.Screenshot_3



I definitely love this heading font. Such an effect.


I like how neatly the tags are displayed.



I’m not sure what I think about this theme really. Once again, I do like how I can show several posts at once while scrolling. But otherwise, I’m not really sure.




Now, this is one heading I love. So simple, and yet classy. Very spot on.


I’m not a fan of how the posts are layout. It’s nothing new, similar to my current one. Just loving the heading.




This is another layout from another theme I like where several posts can be previewed at once. I also like the layout of the menu. It’s a different format.



Overall, I’m not sure if I will change my theme. Maybe at some point. But I’m glad I’ve managed to experiment with some. It did give me some ideas for the future of the blog. There wasn’t one theme which I thoroughly like. Instead, I liked bits of it from a few themes. If only I could bring them all together.


Day 4 – Meeting Amy Tan…I wish

“You have best quality heart. Best quality is everything. Mothers know this.”  – Suyuan Woo, mother of June Woo (The Joy Luck Club)

If anyone were to ask me who my favourite author is, no doubt would it be the sensational Amy Tan. Sure, there are many authors who I know of, who are exceptionally good in what they do. But if I were to meet anyone of them, it would be Amy.

Amy_Tan (1)  (Photo credit – Amy Tan – Wikipedia)

Although my background is of Chinese, I was brought up in the Western culture. The first time I knew of Amy was in my teens when I saw the film ‘The Joy Luck Club’. After watching the film, it left a place in my heart. I then decided to look it up on the internet and found out that the movie is based on Amy’s best selling book of the same name. It is about four Chinese mothers and their relationships with their Americanized daughters. It is a touching movie. I have seen it several times, and every time I see it, I cry, because it reminded me of my relationship with my mother.

My mother and I had a good relationship. We were close. But I guess sometimes she wished that I would have followed parts of my Chinese roots growing up rather than follow the Western culture in which I was brought up in. She would always tell me stories of her childhood in order to try to remind me where my roots belonged. But being the rebellious teenager I was back then, I never really paid attention. I only thought of the present then. I did not appreciate what she told me, until now. She even tried to teach me to cook proper traditional Chinese dishes, the kind that you hardly find in Chinese restaurants. She said to me, “Listen, so that one day when I am not around, you will know how to cook for your husband.”  Probably to most, that is just a sentence. But in Chinese culture, especially those from the older generation, would know that the actual hidden meaning of that sentence is, “Listen carefully and pay attention, because one day, I will not be around to cook for you.” Most Chinese from the older generation do not like to say what they mean. They rather you see the ‘fiction inside the lie’. I never realized any of this until after she was gone.


Later on, as years went by, after the death of my mother, I began reading most of Amy’s books, in which most of them explores the mother-daughter relationship, friendship, and family. These books include The Kitchen’s God Wife, The Bonesetter’s Daughter, A Hundred Secret Senses, and The Opposite of Fate (a non-fiction). I have read many books in my life, but nothing like these books in which I could relate to. I could see myself being a part of Amy’s story, even my mother. Maybe not as the main characters. But just a part of it. After reading those books, not only did it make me think about my roots and the relationship I had with my mother. It also made me think about my mother’s roots and her background. Sure, my mother did tell me stories of her childhood. But one thing she never told me about was about her parents, my grandparents. My mother and my grandmother did not have a good relationship. Although my mother allowed her to be in her life, they hardly had the kind of relationship my mother and I had. And when I asked my mother and my grandmother (both on different occasions of course) why that was, they would never give me an answer. Until today, it remains a mystery. It does make me wonder what happened. There were also other mysteries involving my mother’s childhood. For instance, she never knew who her father was. Apparently, my grandmother was involved with many men before. Maybe that would explain my mother’s slightly exotic looks. Sometimes I wonder if she was mixed race with a touch of Caucasian blood.

Just like Amy, I like to write through experience. With my first book A Chinese Christmas Carol, I based that on real life. And I think it’s safe to say that the foundation of the story can relate to The Joy Luck Club. It was in a way an emotionally painful book to write. But at the same time, I managed to find some closure after having written it. And I can’t wait to expand the story and give it a bit more meaning to the readers with sequels and a prequel.

In one of my previous posts I did on Amy, I shared one of my projects I did back in art university. We had to create and make a gift to give to our favourite person. And of course, I chose Amy. So what I did was I made her chocolates (not real) made out of plasticine. Each of the symbolic ‘chocolates’ represents the similarities to Amy’s and my life. Yes, I know it sounds kind of ‘stalkery’. But hey, it was a fun project. But don’t worry. It’s something I don’t think I would do in real life. There’s more chance of you being an Amy Tan fan to figure out the meaning of each ‘chocolates’. Here’s the link to the ‘chocolate’ post. https://puiyinwl.wordpress.com//?s=amy+tan&search=Go


If I were to meet Amy in person, I think we would have a lot to talk about, especially about our mothers. We would definitely get along.

If any of you are planning on watching ‘The Joy Luck Club’, beware, it’s not for the faint-hearted. You will shed a tear or cry.

Day 3 – Hello to my sexy people

It has only been day 3 of Blogging101, and I am already loving it too much. I have also met more lovely bloggers/followers along the way. As part of day 3’s task, I have to choose five new blogs and tags to follow. And although I have met two bloggers before receiving this task, I am still going to add them to the list.

First up is Stealing Quiet Time In Noisy Disorder who is also part of Blogging101. Just like what I’m doing, the blogger has chosen to follow my blog, which I’m so honoured. I’m one of her five new followers. She also agrees that I might have come up with the original dance moves for Gangnam Style. Thank you for your support on that. So I CAN dance after all.

snow me 2 (My Gangnam move)

Second up is Whispers in the Wind. I feel that the blogger and I share the same idea of what ‘Fiction is the truth inside the lie’ really means. Her blog is written in mysterious ways, something I like. She does think beyond an idea and seems to create another idea out of it.

Third up is blabberwockying! Now, although I have followed him before receiving this task, I still wanted to add him to the list. There is a reason why this guy has so many blogger awards. His blog is so open and honest. And like me, he just wants to meet genuine blogger/writer/author friends and share his experiences and knowledge on life. His blog is also one of the friendliest place you can ever visit.

Fourth up is  CLASSIC CONTEMPORARY LIVING whom I have also followed before receiving this task. This blog is quite family-base. It is like the everyday journal of the blogger’s life and the love that surrounds it. It is a happy blog. It does make you think about your own life and the happy and positive things in it. It makes you want to just live your life and not think about those bad negativity. There was one post she did on motherhood and babies 10 THINGS YOU KNOW TO BE TRUE WHEN YOU’RE A MOM I literally died laughing reading it. The post really did relate to me as a mom. She even called me a ‘blog-spiration’. So are you, Sarah 🙂


Fifth and last up is Gerry Wilson. I came upon her blog after seeing her name on the blog Stealing Quiet Time In Noisy Disorder. Her name was just below mines, and it was mentioned that ‘She is soon to celebrate her blog’s fifth year’. Congratulations. Her post on Blogging 101: Starting New is so inspiring and true. It’s never too late to start from afresh in order to learn and create something new.

For the five new tags:

Firstly, I’ve chosen to follow world from MUNKY’S TRAVEL AND FOOD BLOG. Although I have done some posts on food, I’ve never done posts on food while travelling. Looking at this blog has given me the idea of possibly visiting different restaurants in London (where I am) and searching for my list of best ones. I have never done anything like that before, so why not.

Second is CREEPY which immediately caught my attention from the blog WIFIADDDICT. I have done horror posts. But nothing ‘creepy’. There is a difference. I love horror, ghosts, myths, and legends, that sort of thing. Just like my blog’s tagline, I love how some truth are ‘creepy’ behind the ‘happy faces’, like this post here WHY ARE NURSERY RHYMES CREEPY? Who knew nursery rhymes could be creepy. *Goosebumps*


Third is Travel. The black and white pictures in Sauvez Le Jour caught my attention. Most times, black and white pictures are mesmerizing and can be mysterious at times. Maybe sometimes I should do posts on just pictures and let it tell the story.

Fourth is FITNESS from OUR GREEN NATION. I will be honest. I do live quite an unhealthy lifestyle. But this is due to working hard on launching my publishing company. For the last three years, I have been sleeping at 3-4am and waking up at 7:30am. Yes, I know. What the hell? Therefore, no matter how busy I am, I think it’s time to think about my health more than my work.

Lastly, it’s poetry. I have never written poetry in my life. This could be a new thing to try this year. I don’t know if I’ll be good at it though. However, I love reading them. It’s another way of telling a story.