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Day 6 – Practice Gratitude

From Highbrow:

Practicing gratitude reminds many people of saying ‘thank you’ for a present. But being grateful can be much more than that. The leading gratitude researcher Robert Emmons defines it as a feeling of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation of life. His research from the last decade has shown a host of benefits; from stronger immune systems and better sleep to more happiness and better relationships.

Human beings like novelty and we adapt fast to new circumstances such as a new apartment or the last promotion. Gratitude helps because it allows us to benefit from the things we usually take for granted. There are many things in our lives, both large and small, that we might be grateful for. When we are grateful for something, we appreciate its value. And that’s why practicing gratitude on a regular basis allows us to notice the positives more and that magnifies what’s good in our lives.

But gratitude does even more good to us! It also blocks toxic emotions such as envy and resentment. You can’t, for example, feel gratitude and envy at the same time. Try to be truly grateful and at the same time envy someone for having something that you don’t have. It’s impossible, they are incompatible feelings.

If you want something to engage in, take this easy exercise: Throughout today, take notice of things you can be grateful for. Make a list of these things – no matter if small or big. And in the evening, take some time to revisit the list. You can ask yourself what your life would be like if those things were missing. And you can try to experience a bit  of gratitude for things that you probably haven’t noticed in a while.

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Hello to my fellow bloggers and friends,

Thank you so much for making my blog reach 1000 likes. It would not have been possible without your HUGE support, so thank you. I always read and pay attention to every single like, follow and comment (good or bad). I never miss one, and I never ignore, I promise you that. Thank you once again and much love always.

Puiyin W.L.



The Positivity Project

anna(Glamour UK – February issue)

I have been a huge Glamour Magazine UK fan since 2004, and I have read every SINGLE issue since then. Believe me, I have. And as much as I love fashion, what I love most about the magazine are the posts on our everyday lifestyle. Sometimes there are tips/advice on how we can try to make our everyday lifestyle better, including the food we eat, our social life and even our sex life. Glamour always have ways to make the reading fun, even though some of the posts are at a more serious level of reading. However, I never got to try out any of the tips/advice. But everything is about to change. Back in the February issue, there was a post that caught my attention, and it wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I decided to give the tips/advice from the post a go. And I’m not just doing it because I am a huge Glamour fan. You see, lately I have been stressing a lot about work…and the future. The stress has got me to a place where I am constantly battling with my emotions. Since reading about the post, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. This post is called The Positivity Project. The project is about doing small, simple acts that could change our mood and boost our happiness. Like the old saying goes, sometimes the smallest act can be a big one, and the project itself involves 30 simple acts. So each day, I will do one act and I will be posting it on my blog. There will be no cheating of any kind. Every act will be an honest one. Instead of doing the acts accordingly to the post, I will pick the one that suits me for that particular day. However, I will leave the very last act to the last. I cannot wait till the last act…oh yes, you have to wait and see why that is 🙂 I look forward to where this project will take me emotionally and hope that it will become my personal diary of happiness booster where I can look back on it.




Hi all,

For those of you who have been following my blog, there has been a MAJOR revamp to the site, which included the name being changed from PY LAB to my pen name Puiyin W.L.

At first, I didn’t have plans on revamping the blog. But then I had seconds thoughts. I am constantly revamping and re-styling my publishing website, so why not the blog? Sometimes change is good, right? Do let me know what you think. I will be back on Friday with a brand new post. It has been a while and it’s time to bring the mojo back.

Much love always,

PY LAB aka Puiyin W.L.

‘A Chinese Christmas Carol’ re-vamp

Six years ago, I first published my book ‘A Chinese Christmas Carol’ (Xlibris Publishing). I never expected it to do alright in the market. Better than I had expected. And so, I have decided to do a re-vamp and bring out a new edition of the story under the new ownership of PUIYIN W.L. PUBLISHING®, and turn it into a series. Along with the recent news of ‘Who We Were’ becoming a trilogy, I am proud to officially announce another trilogy/series project in the making for 2017-2018.