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Who We Were Cover (pb).indd

I have received messages from readers regarding the print/hard copy version of ‘Who We Were’. It’s up to the bookstores/retailers when they are releasing it. But it should be no longer than 15 working days before every bookstores/retailers will officially have the book. Please check the publisher’s website for the full distribution list or just pop into the bookstores listed. The website has updated this information. Only been a day and already having readers reaching out. Many thanks for the AMAZING support.


Who We Were Cover (pb).indd

It is difficult to understand the theory of a parallel existence, but two young people – Jace and Melodi – experience out-of-place memories that later prove to be strangely accurate in detail.

In 1950, a young man named Qingshan moves to Jiangning in China with his parents in search of a better life. He meets a beautiful young lady named Lei-Li, but their love is forbidden due to old family traditions and cultural differences and they pay the ultimate penalty for trying to be together.

Jace and Melodi meet at High School in Connecticut in the USA in 1996 and feel an immediate affiliation for each another, but their relationship is also doomed. They meet up again as adults, when Jace is a doctor and Melodi a writer, and their paths become intertwined through the words written in a diary by Lei-Li. The coincidences are hard to ignore and a tragic accident leads to a better understanding of who they really were.